New LJ name

1. oskandas - Derived from the names "Oskar" and "Mohandas". After Schindler and Gandhi, this is my email as well.

2. acid_in_my_shoe - I dunno, I like it though.

3. Other - you give me a suggestion.
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Just did a friends list cut. Either you don't update enough or I don't care aboot your life anymore.

Mr. Bungle's California album is unbelievably good.

I am quite excited to hear the Race Bannon EP from EVILskull. Speaking of which...-points at music-

Blah blah it's hot.

Blah blah I don't like school.

It should be July.

God this song's good. "Dance Party 99"

-changes it to "TEHVOLTAIRE"-

-changes it back-


I've been metaquoted!! :D!!

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Rarely, if ever.


I've gone over a week of not masturbating. Hoo-ray.

I guess what's been going on...

WAIT, what the fuck am I updating this for. I have Revenge of the Sith for PS2.

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"Relapse Records will be releasing a double disc of Agoraphobic Nosebleed's old 7" and split EP material, entitled "Bestial Machinery: The Collected Agoraphobic Nosebleed Discography Volume 1" on August 02nd.

The double disc includes the tracks from their splits with Cattlepress, Laceration, and Enemy Soil as well as their "30 Song" 7" release and other unreleased material gathered from the years."

Woo woo! =D!!
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 You know those charity bracelets everyone fucking wears?

Tonight was...it was amazing.  Awesome got to come with us to Froggers, which made me sooooo happy.  So it was Chris, Alex, Awesome and Itay(?).  Itay is a really badass dude, very fun and cool. 

DD and Flesh were amazing yadda yadda.

It hurts,  you know?  I've been thinking, and I think I ache for the idea and not the actual entity, since I have never encountered it.  It's like hearing aboot a food with all your favorite ingredients.  You want it really badly, but youn have no idea what it tastes like.  You can IMAGINE what it tastes like, but you are totally ignorant to how you will like it.  It's like that.  Only you don't get ridiculously emotional over some delicious culinary treat.

-drinks water-

4th day and going strong.  But I still look at porn, so fucking dumb.

What's your opinion on teenagers and pornography?
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